Saturday, October 23, 2010

Paris France

I would like to visit Paris France in the future, because for me it's a very romantic city with wonderful places, anyone could fall in love in this place.
There are many attractions that can be enjoyed in Paris, an example is the famous Eiffel Tower, named for its designer Gustave Eiffel, this spectacular monument attracts thousands of people every year, also has a variety of museums for all tastes, one example is the Louvre museum, is the most visited museum, is so big that you could spend a week exploring its exhibits, another architectural marvel is the triumphal arch, is known in the world, because it is visited by to be an architectural wonder. In short there are many attractions that can be enjoyed in this place, to me is one of the most perfect city and I hope visit this place someday.


  1. I think France is a beautiful country, too! There you can find in one place different cultures without their majestic architecture. Wonderful idea!

  2. Hi Erickita!!! France is a country I like to visit because it is very romantic and has many tourist attractions. We have to go visit France Ericka!! XD

  3. Paris a wonderful place, I agree with you a city full of much romance in the future I would love to visit and see their grades works that makes it attractive to tourists.