Thursday, November 25, 2010


The topic of marriage for me is something serious because when you get to take that big step, the person has to be sure that he will share his life with the person who really loves him. During the marriage there may be millions of disputes, but it is normal because we are living with a different person. For me, marriage is learn to respect and take into account the opinion of the couples either to solve a problem or for any other reason because the marriage is that. If so, everything can be good between the two for a long time.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Simple life

Having a simple life is to live without majors concern. This seems very easy, but for me it is not at all because to have a simple life means forgetting many things that, for me, are very necessary and I do not think you can live without them.
People who maintain this lifestyle have very good habits that everyone should keep at least some if possible. Examples of these habits are: eat only organic food, do not use many electronic devices in their homes, not spending money in things that you do not need, in few words, these people are friendly with the environment. I think it is a good way of life because if you get accustomed, you can live very happy with only the few things you need.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


The storytelling is when a person tells a story with the help of sounds, words or pictures so that those people that hear it can feel as if the story were true. These people narrate all kinds of stories as fairy tales, scary and others. Today, you hear or know little about the storytelling. This happens because they have been left in oblivion and many of children do not like these things because they prefer the electronic things and pitifully in the future this wonderful skill will be lost forever. I think this is a nice way to tell a story because the listener can be transferred to a magical and wonderful world. In short, it feels like if the person that hears is part of the story.