Saturday, November 13, 2010

Simple life

Having a simple life is to live without majors concern. This seems very easy, but for me it is not at all because to have a simple life means forgetting many things that, for me, are very necessary and I do not think you can live without them.
People who maintain this lifestyle have very good habits that everyone should keep at least some if possible. Examples of these habits are: eat only organic food, do not use many electronic devices in their homes, not spending money in things that you do not need, in few words, these people are friendly with the environment. I think it is a good way of life because if you get accustomed, you can live very happy with only the few things you need.


  1. jajajaja, this picture is very crazy!!!
    I like so much, I am great with ericka, because you can be happy with the things that you need. I have a question, this is your happy finger??

  2. It seems that if the finger Ericka happy!
    it is true that she is a girl smiling and it's really beautiful and nice to meet people like that..
    Greetings! =)

  3. consumerism is the result of the current way of giving value to things, people have come to believe that we are important for many material goods we own or have our name and many of them perhaps even the need simply I admire and be more important to society, so I agree with you and I think we should think before you get something if I really need or just want to spend to spend my money ..

  4. I love the picture, I think it is very important to try to lead a relaxed life without many worries and leave aside the technological world